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The cake shops of Acland Street

Exquisite since 1934.  Those words on Gideon Markham’s business card sum up his business. There are many other words that lovers of sweet things may use…


Mateship starts at home

ANZAC Day holds a special place in the hearts of Australian and New Zealanders. For many of us, it is a day with personal meaning, as…


Tastes of Townsville

Dining alone is one of my least favourite things.  And as a travel writer, often travelling alone on assignment, it’s an occupational hazard.  Given the choice,…


Vote for me: Best Australian Blogs

I’ve thrown my hat in the ring for the Best Australian Blogs competition.  If you’d like to vote for me, click on this link to go…


Meet Australia’s unique wildlife

Unique and extraordinary. Two words that journalists try to avoid, because so rarely are they used accurately. But – hot on the heels of the interesting…