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I ♥ Stones Corner

Discovering a new neighbourhood is a daily exercise in looking out for the new and unusual, the nooks and crannies, and characters that make up a…


Happy little vegemites

Australian travellers throw a jar (or in recent years a plastic tube) of it in their suitcases and backpacks. Expat Aussies hunt it down at specialist…


Flying colours

My new home is near a flight path into Brisbane Airport.  I didn’t know that before I moved in, but it’s not a real problem. I’m…


A sweet, suite treat of a weekend

An upgrade’s always welcome when you’re travelling. I mean, there’s something lovely about an unexpected surprise that makes you more comfortable, whether it’s more legroom on…


Getting in the driver’s seat

I was a cowardly parent – at least when it came to teaching my daughters to drive. I happily left that to their father!  Our eldest…


The joy of travel…with children

I’m not old enough to be a grandmother. Really, I’m not.  Oh, okay, I guess technically I am…my children are in their 20s.  But I’ve recently…