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Hats off to Hmong headgear

Covering our heads is common in many cultures. Christian women traditionally wore hats to go to church, many Muslim women wear headscarfs. But it’s not just…


Cocktails and comfort in Saigon

Mid-afternoon in Saigon.  From the rooftop bar of the iconic Rex Hotel, we see the monsoonal clouds gathering.  It’s the kind of day when your shirt sticks…


Dalat delights

Some days, there’s just not time for real indulgence, and you have to improvise.  This was one of them.  Dalat is a cool change from the…


Down and dirty in Vietnam

It slides in a silky, smooth brown torrent over my skin.  A slick, slippery cascade of liquid mud, pouring through my wet hair, down my back,…


Face first in Nha Trang

Today’s therapist is Lin, a slim and sweet looking young woman at the luxury day spa at Mia Resort, Nha Trang , on the Vietnamese coast.…


Beauty afloat in Nha Trang

Pushing through the crush of tourists, touts and boatmen on the wharf in the Vietnamese beach resort town of Nha Trang, I’m eager to find our…