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Classic cooling off

Summer’s here, and things are heating up. The temperatures in Brisbane this week are predicted to reach 33 degrees Celsius every day, so this clever image…


A tourist in my own town

Can a Canadian tell me anything I don’t already know about the Australian city I’ve called home for nearly 20 years? The answer is yes…if he’s…


Slipping into a swimsuit for summer

Buying a new swimsuit strikes dread into the heart of a woman.  Or at least of those women who are past a certain age, and a…


The meaningful month of Mo

My waitress has a moustache.  It’s black and pencil-thin, curling up at the ends; the kind of moustache that a vaudevillian villain would twirl while pondering…


Mexican stand-off

You’ve heard of the Owl and the Pussycat…well here’s the Australian take on that.  A Sulphur-crested cockatoo goes nose-to-nose with a marmalade moggy.  Photographer Tommy Campion…

Wellshot Hotel

The barmaid who bought the pub

Who remembers those classic commercials in which Remington shavers were spruiked by Victor Kiam, the man who famously “loved them so much I bought the company”?…


Hat couture

As Australians celebrate or commiserate on their Melbourne Cup picks this week, a last look at race-going hats! This wonderful feathered creation is typical of the…