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About Lee

I’m an “accidental” travel writer, a career journalist who stumbled into the travel writing world about 20 years ago and grabbed it with both hands. And I’m definitely a “glass half full” kind of person. My blog is about my love of travel and I hope the name I’ve chosen for it reflects my inherent optimism about life.

From time to time, I also write about other things – life, love, loss, issues in society that I think are worth exploring, or things that have particularly touched my heart.

While I love to roam the world, the places closest to me are Australia, where I’ve lived for 30 years, and New Zealand, where I grew up. I’ve also lived in England, Canada and the Middle East, and visited about 60 countries. I believe that travel builds bridges between different cultures, and helps us understand that deep down there are not many differences between us. I’ll go anywhere for a good story but prefer less trodden paths. Driving, walking, talking, snorkelling, wining and dining…and always writing about it, with passion, depth and humour.

I also love photography, and hope that my images go as far as my words in describing the wonderful world we live in. Sometimes – when I’m at home – I’ll write about what’s around me in Brisbane, which is just as interesting to me as some more far-flung places. If I don’t find something interesting, I figure you won’t either.

Favourite places? That’s a tough question, but if I have to choose I’ll say (apart from Australia and New Zealand) my top five would be Laos, the Cook Islands, Papua New Guinea, Finland and Ireland. But really, I’m just as happy exploring my own backyard because wherever you are – at home or far way – the world is a fascinating and fun place. So please subscribe and come on my travels with me.

If you enjoy this blog, you might also like to sign up to my Facebook page, Lee Mylne – Travel Journalist, which often has different content and links to my published work.

33 Responses to “About Lee”

  1. chezmaree

    Laos would be my top pick, it’s just beautiful there… Nice to stumble upon another NZer living in Qld (at least for now!)

    • Lee

      So funny – I’ve just been writing a comment on your About page, came back to mine, and there you were! And I’m from Whangarei.

    • Lee

      Thank you so much. I’m glad you’re enjoying my blog – and sorry for not responding to this more quickly but I’ve been on the road for the best part of a couple of weeks, and am now catching up on all sorts of things, including blogging! Will check it out in detail when I have a bit more time to do it justice!

  2. lara anderson

    Hi Lee, Do you have an email address I can contact you on directly?


    Lara Anderson

  3. cocoaupnorth

    Lovely to meet you Lee, looking forward to reading more of your adventures.

  4. Sartenada

    I have never calculated countries where I have visited. About 20 years ago I ended to calculate my flying hours in an air planes. Then I had them more than 3000 hours.

    Happy and safe travel!

    • A Glass Half Full

      Oh I can’t even begin to think about how many hours I’ve spent flying. To go back over the years and add it all up would be impossible – and possibly frightening.

  5. Caroline Kirwood

    Really appreciated your presentation for our travel and tourism class at TAFE Brisbane today. Thanks for your words of wisdom, tips and comments. So valuable.

  6. Bonnie Williams

    Thank you for your talk today at TAFE Lee, it was very inspirational and helpful. All the best.

  7. Chelsea Hays

    Thanks to Lee for coming in to my Tafe class. I am studying a diploma of Travel and Tourism and your wisdom and knowledge were very helpful and will help me for any path I take in travelling. You are very inspiring :) xx

  8. Anonymous

    It was lovely having you come and talk about your blog and I loved your travelling stories

    -student from Sabine’s class

  9. Jessica Poulter

    Thank you for giving a talk at TAFE, we all really appreciate it and will definitely benefit from it! You’re great! :)

  10. Anonymous

    Thankyou for coming in today, such great pointers on getting started in the travel blogging world!

  11. Lachlan Witt

    Hi Lee,
    Thankyou so much for coming into our TAFE class and sharing your insight on the business of blogging.
    I very much enjoyed your talk.

    Hope you are well.

  12. Kevin H.

    Thank you for coming to my class today and sharing your personal experience with my classmates, it was quite interesting and intriguing. Many of us have learnt quite a bit and enhanced and broaden our knowledge on travel blogging.
    Many thanks again for sharing such an experience with us.

  13. Josephine Mills

    Hi Lee,
    Thank you so much for coming in and talking to us about blogging and your work today at TAFE. I learnt so much and look forward to putting some of your suggestions into practice on my own blog.


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