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The Outback Way, Day 2: Hunting the mysterious Min Min Lights

Tall tales are a feature of the Outback, where a “yarn” (Australian slang for a story) can get bigger in the telling. And the five-hour drive…


Travelling the Outback Way

Adventures come in all shapes and sizes, but free-wheeling in the Australian Outback is hard to beat. So I was very excited to be invited to…


A village in monochrome

Easter in the northern New South Wales village of Ulmarra brought patchy weather. Everything from blue skies and sunshine to a massive 3am thunderstorm and drizzly…


The devil’s in the detail at Tibooburra

When Australian artist Clifton Pugh was visiting his mate Barney Davie at his outback pub in the late 1960s, he got stranded during a flood and…

Wellshot Hotel

The barmaid who bought the pub

Who remembers those classic commercials in which Remington shavers were spruiked by Victor Kiam, the man who famously “loved them so much I bought the company”?…


Sunday lunch at the Apollonian

The smell of roasting lamb is always enough to get this Kiwi girl’s mouth watering.  I love a good Sunday roast at any time (lamb, pork,…


Having a beer with Dad and Dave

Australian author Steele Rudd’s fictional father and son Dad and Dave may have faded into the mists of time a bit, but they’re alive and well…