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Getting in the driver’s seat

A bit self-conscious at the wheel…my baby learning to drive.

I was a cowardly parent – at least when it came to teaching my daughters to drive. I happily left that to their father!  Our eldest took to it with relish; the moment she was old enough she was attaching her L plates and in the driver’s seat. Polished off by a few sessions with a professional driving school teacher, she passed her test with flying colours and independence was hers.

A bit self-conscious at the baby learning to drive.

A bit self-conscious at the wheel…my baby preparing for a driving lesson a few years ago.

Her sister had no desire to drive. She had a few lessons, then declared the bus or train would do her. To me, driving is the ultimate freedom (something I’ve never taken for granted again after living in Saudi Arabia – where women are not allowed to drive – for two years during the mid-1980s), and I’ve never really understood her reluctance.

I love a road trip and so does my eldest daughter. A few years ago, we drove together from Melbourne to Brisbane (about 1700km) – taking turns with the driving and having a wonderful time. Earlier this year, we travelled separately to New Zealand for a family wedding and because of the travel plans she wanted to hire a car. But being under 25 (just), the surcharges imposed by rental companies made it so expensive that she abandoned that plan and hitched a lift with someone else.

Drivers under 25 have always had it tough when trying to rent a car. But this week Hertz Australia removed the surcharge for drivers aged 21-24 for the summer holidays (until January 31).  So whether it’s a holiday road trip, heading to a music festival, or a trip “home” for Christmas, young travellers won’t have to worry about stretching the budget further to meet that extra cost. What a great idea!

Even a luxury BMW is within rental reach of young drivers with Hertz's new policy.

Even a luxury BMW is within rental reach of young drivers with Hertz’s new policy.

The Young Renters promotion applies to all Hertz rental classes including its specialty ranges, which includes cars like the high-performance Toyota 86, the Green Collection of environmentally friendly cars, a luxury BMW (ah, that sounds like the one for my girl!) or a trendy/retro Mini Minor.  That brings back memories…my first two cars were Minis!

After the surcharge-free period, the standard surcharge for drivers aged 21-24 years old will be reduced to $16.50 per day. Book online and quote the CDP code 2013210 which will remove the surcharge.

My older daughter is now already 25, and the younger one still hasn’t got her license. But for others out there…it’s a good deal!

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6 Responses to “Getting in the driver’s seat”

  1. Penny Ramsdale

    I taught both of mine to drive – couldn’t let their father near them, he wouldn’t have had the patience and they both would’ve come home grumpy as all get out! They each had one professional driving lesson, just to make sure I hadn’t missed anything, then sailed through their licences, no sweat.
    Found out last week, however, that I did miss something in their instruction, after my daughter came out after a 12-hour day at work to fine her car had been towed away for parking over a fire hydrant! But where’s the hydrant? says she. Oh, says I, it’s designated by that chipped bit of yellow paint on the curb, and the yellow triangle in the middle of the road … yes, easy to miss, especially if you’ve never been told about it! There’s a $93 lesson learned!

    • A Glass Half Full

      Oh that’s a very expensive lesson! I admire your patience in teaching them…it was not patience I was lacking, I was just too scared to get in the car with a novice driver!

  2. The Global Goddess

    Like you, I loved the freedom driving gave me. And continues to give me. Put me behind the wheel of any car, some nice music, an open road and it’s all good.

  3. Browsing the Atlas

    I don’t even want to think of what the insurance costs for my 24-year-old son. He drives a car and a motorcycle. I worry constantly even though he’s a very good driver. But we live 10 hours away from him and he always visits on his motorcycle!

    • A Glass Half Full

      I sympathise, but as someone who has done some very long motorbiking trips (as a pillion passenger) in my life, I think you just have to trust that he is a good rider and can hopefully avoid any tricky situations. I love motorcycling – it’s such a feeling of freedom!


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