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A brolga walks into a bar…

Bold as brass, a brolga walks into the bar at the Blue Heeler Hotel, Kynuna, Queensland.

Bold as brass, a brolga walks into the bar at the Blue Heeler Hotel, Kynuna, Queensland.

I’m starting to really love blogging.  So it’s quite a thrill to be asked to be a guest blogger, which has happened a few times since I launched this blog about five months ago.

This week, I was asked to be a guest blogger for Tourism Queensland. Specifically, to contribute to a blog that features a Pub of the Week.  There are 17 Queensland pubs among the 100 featured in my book, Great Australian Pubs. So which one would I choose first?

The Blue Heeler is a remote outback pub with a lot of character. I stayed there overnight while road-tripping along Australia’s Dinosaur Trail and had the amazing experience of watching brolgas fly in and perform their intricate dance in the dusty parking area in front of the pub.  The brolga also happens to be Queensland’s official bird emblem, and is featured on the state Coat of Arms.

To read more, check out the Pub of the Week.

3 Responses to “A brolga walks into a bar…”

  1. Its me, Tommy.

    I must go back to the Blue Heeler pub, the day I was there they must have been mating elsewhere. So which pub would I choose you ask…I can’t go past any of them.

      • Joni

        Helen (or Just Helen’, as she called heselrf) was at the Kynuna Roadhouse Caravan Park, not at the famous’ Blue Heeler pub. She really did fit the atmosphere of the Kynuna Roadhouse! Lots of caravan parks have entertainers’ who come up and stay for several weeks/months in the winter when all the grey nomads in their RVs are travelling through. They are really just buskers (albeit a bit older than the ones you find in the cities) that sing or do bush poetry for donations and try to sell their CDs. Quite funny, but the folks really seem to enjoy them.And the XXXX is the name of a ubiquitous Queensland beer referred to as 4X. It doesn’t taste great but it’s about the only thing you can get up here!


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