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Face first in Nha Trang

Today’s therapist is Lin, a slim and sweet looking young woman at the luxury day spa at Mia Resort, Nha Trang , on the Vietnamese coast.

My back and shoulders are sunburnt from yesterday’s boat trip, so I’ve opted for a facial today, knowing that head and neck will be part of it.

Mia Resort, which opened last September on a cliff-top coastal stretch about 20 minutes drive outside Nha Trang, is home to the Xanh Spa.   I’ve already crawled a lazy few laps of the private infinity pool that’s attached to the villa I’m staying in…and an aromatherapy facial is calling.

After a tiny cup of cold pink herbal tea, Lin ushers me into the treatment room and spends the next hour soothing my face with lotions and potions, a sea salt scrub, and two masques. Bliss.  My neck, arms and hands also get the treatment.  I’m totally relaxed and calm, the scented essential oils and herbal extracts working their magic.

Xanh means “green”, and the spa is surrounded by gardens, water features and stone statues.  It’s an oasis within an oasis, and when I emerge from the treatment room, I’m revived and ready to face more days of travel ahead.  But Lin has one more surprise for me. Before I leave, there’s more herbal tea – hot, this time – and ice-cream, just one small scoop presented inside the hollow of a frozen half peach. Delicious.

Xanh Spa

A Glass Half Full travelled to Vietnam as a guest of Footsteps in Asia and AirAsia.

4 Responses to “Face first in Nha Trang”

  1. jenny

    yey, now that is a facial. And ice cream in a hollowed out peach. Girl pampering rules.
    I follow a lot of remedies etc. I love your blog.

    Yey, you have a new follower now. Woot woot.Thanks girl and keep it coming. GirlPower

    • Tyler

      You have a pretty cool blog here :D I’m looking to travel and have gotten quite a bit from your blog!


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