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Walking the line at Auckland Airport

New Zealand’s largest city – Auckland – must have one of the easiest methods of transport between its international and domestic airports that I’ve ever come across.

When visiting for the Christmas holidays, I flew into Auckland International Airport and then had to transfer for a domestic flight. At the domestic check-in desk in the international terminal, the friendly staff member simply pointed me to the door and said “Follow the green line”.

Forget about catching a bus (which is available if you prefer) or negotiating such a short fare with a reluctant taxi driver. Getting between terminals is simply a 10 to 15 minute walk, following a clear, wide green line painted on the footpath.

It’s impossible to get lost, it’s free, and a great way to stretch the legs between flights.  Added to that, it’s probably even quicker than any of the other transport options, and certainly better for our health and the environment.

I guess I was lucky with the weather, but for my money, if it’s not raining, then shanks’ pony rules!


Travellers following the green line between terminals at Auckland airport.


9 Responses to “Walking the line at Auckland Airport”

    • A Glass Half Full

      I agree – the massive hikes that are sometimes involved in just getting from one gate lounge to another at huge airports may be good for us in exercise terms, but they can be quite trying!

  1. Jenn Jay

    Simple is best – I found the international to domestic reasonably easy at Honolulu airport – but a line showing the way would lessen the uncertainty!

  2. candidkay

    Love this idea, having just traveled across country and through 3-4 airports. You begin to feel a bit stale after 9 hours indoors!


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