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Laughter in Laos

Laughter is the best medicine, so they say.  Travelling has been the source of many laughs for me, one of its joys being the people I’ve met along the way (and those I’ve travelled with, of course).

But when I came to think about images of laughter that I had to fulfil Ailsa’s Travel Theme this week, I realised I didn’t have many. Plenty of wide smiles, but few in which the people were really laughing.

Then I remembered these children in northern Laos, who had clowned and laughed when I took their photo. It was a tiny village, at the edge of the Nam Kan Provincial Protected Forest, and I was about to set off on a trek with The Gibbon Experience. The children were excited by the arrival of strangers – and we were excited by the prospect of the trip!

Ailsa’s travel theme this week is a poignant one; she chose it in tribute to the cartoonists and satirists who lost their lives in Paris this week. Je suis Charlie.

13 Responses to “Laughter in Laos”

  1. The Global Goddess

    You’re dead right. When we look back on our photos taken while travelling, there’s loads of smiles, but not so much candid laughter. Must try and take more of that this year myself. Nice pic.


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