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Winter wanderings

It’s winter in Australia, and you can spot the visitors, especially where I live in Queensland. They’re the ones wearing t-shirts and shorts, and sometimes even swimming.

Here, a cold day is if the temperature reaches a high of less than 20 degrees (Celsius). Inland areas get colder, especially at night, but mostly it’s pretty balmy. Living relatively near the coast, where it’s usually pretty mild even in the depths of winter, I like to go somewhere colder so I can break out my gloves, scarves, coats and boots, and feel that nip in the air.

If you’ve noticed I’ve been quiet on the blogging scene lately, you’re right. I’ve been deep in a couple of big work projects that haven’t left much time for anything other than the writing that pays my mortgage, so I’ve taken a short break from the blog in order to meet deadlines, often working through the weekend and travelling very little.

But the chance to have a cold climate trip recently was too much to resist – and it worked in well with one of my big projects, so I grabbed it. Ten days in Melbourne and country Victoria sure gave me a taste of cold weather, and it was hugely invigorating.

Last weekend, with my head above water on the immediate deadlines, I took a weekend break to stay with friends who live on 10 acres of land about an hour’s drive from Brisbane. A horse called Banjo and a rescued kangaroo called Maddie graze around the homestead, and the birdlife is prolific. There was wine, good food, an old wood stove heating up the kitchen, conversation and lots of laughs. Just what I needed to blow away the cobwebs, re-energise and get back my blogging mojo before I tackle the backlog of stories I’ve got to share with you all.









16 Responses to “Winter wanderings”

  1. candidkay

    You had me at: “There was wine, good food, an old wood stove heating up the kitchen, conversation and lots of laughs.” Sounds like Heaven! Love the lanterns on the trees. I bet it’s magical at night.

    • A Glass Half Full

      Yes, but a bit too chilly to be sitting out on the verandah at night. We lunched there, but ate in the kitchen at night, of course!

  2. Browsing the Atlas

    Sounds like a great winter break. Especially when life gets hectic and full of deadlines like you described. A visit with friends? Even better. :)


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