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A Glass Half Full (the book)

First, there was the blog…now there’s a book.  When I was putting together a collection of my travel stories in book form, I couldn’t decide on a name.

Then a smart friend suggested that it was staring me in the face: A Glass Half Full and other travel stories.

I am so excited to have in my hand at last a published collection of my own stories. While I’ve been a contributor to several travel anthologies over the past 10 years or so, there’s never been a permanent record of my stories – and I’m over the moon with how it looks!

Thanks to clever Brisbane graphic designer Megan Taylor, each chapter opens with a little line drawing – and her cover (based on an idea by my friend Julie McGlone) makes me smile whenever I see it.

The book is not a collection of stories from this blog; it’s made up of writings – both published and previously unpublished – from my travels in recent years (and some not so recent). Some have found their place in the travel pages of a number of (mostly Australian) magazines and newspapers; others, including my account of crossing the DMZ between North and South Korea in 2003, have never been published before. Some were written  – or adapted – specially for this collection.

It was a big thrill to see it on display at the recent Margaret River Readers & Writers Festival in Western Australia last week, where I was a guest speaker on several interesting discussion panels – and to sign copies for those who bought it.

I had a lot of fun re-living some of my most memorable travels.  I hope readers will enjoy it too.

A Glass Half Full and Other Travel Stories is available through Vivid Publishing (overseas orders welcome too!).

Glass_Half_Full_Cover_FINAL ART 2


20 Responses to “A Glass Half Full (the book)”

  1. Browsing the Atlas

    This is wonderful! I’m sure it’s a delightful book. You must be so proud. :) I’ll have to get my hands on a copy, too. I think it would be the perfect book to read while traveling.

  2. Mama Cormier

    Congratulations, Lee. Do you know if I can get a copy here in Canada or do I have to order on line? I hope sales go well for you.

  3. Len Zell


    I began your book by ‘dabbling’ in the places that were where I had been (Does that make me a Dabbler he asks?) and found your eyes saw so much different ‘stuff’ to mine. This led me to then reading the rest of the stories which I enjoyed immensely.

    I congratulate on a book well done and for allowing me to journey with you.

    My glass now overfloweth! THANKS!

    • A Glass Half Full

      Thanks for the kind words, Len. Glad you enjoyed the book. But no…you are not a “dabbler” (if you were, you would know without asking!). The dabblers are a very special group of people with whom I travelled for one of the stories :-)


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