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Phew! It’s been a huge year in the blogosphere. For me, at least.  I’ve really loved sharing my travels and my personal view of the world in general with you all this year.

In its annual review of statistics, WordPress informs me that A Glass Half Full was viewed about 17,000 times in 2013.  And it also informs me that the concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2700 people, meaning that if my blog was a concert at the Sydney Opera House, it would take about six sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

In 2013, I wrote 60 new posts, and uploaded 455 images. The most popular post of the year – by far – was Out of the darkness: Tommy’s story. The second most-read was the follow-up story, The “Asbestos Suit” of Love. Both stories are about the fight for truth and justice by my friend Richard “Tommy” Campion, who gave evidence to the Royal Commission into Institutional Response to Child Sexual Abuse in Sydney in November.

Readers logged on to my blog from 129 countries. Not surprisingly, I guess, most visitors came from Australia, with the United States and New Zealand not far behind.

The search term that led the most people to my blog was “Hallstatt”, that most picturesque of villages in Austria, which I visited and wrote about in 2012.  So, as I wish you a very happy New Year, here’s another image from Hallstatt.  I hope that you’ll continue to enjoy my writing and my images in 2014 and look forward to sharing them with you. Tell your friends!

Wearing a dirndl in Hallstatt was so much fun!

Wearing a dirndl in Hallstatt was so much fun!

15 Responses to “Blogging on”

  1. Richard Tommy Campion

    A big congratulations to you. What a year. I really appreciate your help in letting your readers know the battle I have with the Anglican Church just for them to tell the truth. Hey, ho, on and on into 2014. You beauty!

    • A Glass Half Full

      Happy New Year to you too! My first overseas trip for the year will be to Thailand in February…and then who knows what wonderful places will take spots on the travel calendar. I’ve got a few other exciting destinations in the wind as well.

  2. chezmaree

    60 posts – very impressive Lee! I did a measly seven, but I’m sure 2014 will be better for me. Have a wonderful year yourself :-)


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