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Pre-school progress in Sri Lanka

The walls are slowly rising on the Samadhi Grove pre-school in southern Sri Lanka, as 30 bright little faces watch eagerly waiting for the day they can move in. P6120024

Readers of this blog may recall that last year I got involved in a project to help raise money to help build the pre-school. It was a real thrill to this week receive photos of progress on the building, which started in May.  P6150043

The Samadhi Grove pre-school is the dream of Sister Susila, an Australian Buddhist nun who has worked with Sri Lankan villagers in need since the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami devastated so much of the country’s coastline.

After being housed in temporary premises, it is exciting to see the new building that will be the pre-school’s permanent home taking shape.

Snapshots of Sri Lanka,  Travel Tales from the Island of Serendipity, is an anthology of travel stories kindly donated by 21 wonderful Australian travel writers. Ninety-five per cent of the book price goes directly to buying building materials and equipment for the building.

If you would like to support this project – and read a great book – you can order copies of Snapshots of Sri Lanka through Vivid Publishing.

2 Responses to “Pre-school progress in Sri Lanka”

    • Lee

      It’s great to be able to help out – I’ve been to Sri Lanka several times as a writer, including after the tsunami, so I was happy to help for such a good cause. The walls are expected to be finished “soon” but money is still being raised for the roof, so I’m not sure when it will be finished exactly….


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