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Photo blog: Shooting the spectators

One of the wonderful things about attending a festival is the people-watching. At the Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival last month, I turned my Nikon away from the dancers from time to time, and focused on the spectators and what was going on behind the scenes.

What did I see? Campers, hippies, exotic hairstyles, inappropriate dress. terrific ‘statement’ t-shirts, technology meeting an ancient culture, but most of all people having a good time, sharing the music and the spectacle of the dancing.

Before we knew it, it was time to leave. We flew to Cairns from the tiny Laura airstrip on remote Cape York on a twin-prop plane. There’s not much to the Laura airport, just a tin shelter and an outback dunny (toilet)…


Even the toilet doors at the festival were works of art.


Aboriginal elders watched from the stage.


Front row seats.


Audience participation in one dance was great fun!


Face paint of a different kind.

DSC_0219 (2)

A t-shirt with a message.


End of day impromptu footy game.


Statement of pride.


What’s happening behind the scenes?


Ah…that’s what’s happening…a quick rehearsal.


Supporting their school.


Peeking out, rather than in…


Tuckered out…


Aboriginal Australia t-shirt


How many hours of work in this?


Fashion on the field?


Another great t-shirt.


Laura International Airport

A Glass Half Full travelled to the Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival as a guest of Tourism and Events Queensland.

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