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Christmas comes to Hawaii

One minute, I was photographing a white heron perched on a bush on Kalakaua Avenue in downtown Waikiki. The next, the air was filled with the roar of a cavalcade of motorcycles. Soon I had joined a throng of onlookers lining the street as the 38th annual parade of Street Bikers United Toys for Tots cruised  through town.

And what a sight it was. Not just the bikes, but the fact that they were adorned with toys and tinsel, their riders outdoing each other in variations of Santa suits and other Christmas costumes.

It took an hour and a half for the parade to pass by the spot where I was standing.  The convoy of bikes was greeted with smiles, waves and applause, as it transported donated toys to a collection point for the Marine Corps Reserve’s 2012 Toys for Tots Hawaii program.

I was told there were about 6000 motorcyclists taking part, from Oahu and the neighbouring islands of Hawaii as well as from mainland USA, Japan, England and around the world – and I’m ready to believe it.  They just kept coming.

Enough words. The pictures tell the story much better.

HAWAII 2012 023

HAWAII 2012 027

HAWAII 2012 021

HAWAII 2012 044

HAWAII 2012 054

HAWAII 2012 057

HAWAII 2012 051

HAWAII 2012 062

HAWAII 2012 060

HAWAII 2012 068

HAWAII 2012 072

HAWAII 2012 076

HAWAII 2012 040

HAWAII 2012 047

HAWAII 2012 079

HAWAII 2012 070

HAWAII 2012 065

HAWAII 2012 086

HAWAII 2012 089

HAWAII 2012 091

HAWAII 2012 103

HAWAII 2012 093

HAWAII 2012 109

HAWAII 2012 108

HAWAII 2012 110

HAWAII 2012 113

HAWAII 2012 133

HAWAII 2012 119

HAWAII 2012 117

HAWAII 2012 138

HAWAII 2012 148

HAWAII 2012 156

6 Responses to “Christmas comes to Hawaii”

  1. lenzell

    And I hope you have a happy silly season and fantastic new year!!! Well done. :-)


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