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Schnitzel, at last!

After four days in Vienna, I was yet to taste a decent schnitzel. There was one, in a tavern in the 19th district, but it was – frankly – disappointing.  Tonight, the reputation of the schnitzel has been restored for me at Plachuttas Gasthaus zur Oper.  The schnitzel made here is made, as it should be, from veal and despite its formidable size, this is a dish so light and delicious you will eat it all! This is a classic dish, best served with the special beer created to an old Viennese recipe just for Plachuttas by Vienna’s largest brewery, Ottakringer. Have them both. We began early, a table of 10, and the good food and beer (and wine) made the conversation flow…and flow…and by the time we were tucking into our strudel, the first diners had left and the opera crowd were coming in from around the corner for the second sitting. Mario Plachutta has the recipe for a fine night out (and he makes the most famous Tafelspitz in the city too).

A Glass Half Full travelled to Halstatt as a guest of the Austrian National Tourist Board.

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