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Sunrise in the Solomons

Streams of golden sunlight falling on my face woke me on my second morning in the Solomon Islands. I scrambled out of bed, grabbed my camera and ran outside onto the beach.  Too late…only the vestiges of what had been a brilliant sunrise were left.


I was staying at the fabulous Fatboys Resort on the island of Gizo for two nights, and was determined not to miss sunrise the next day. So I set my alarm and was up well before dawn, waiting in the dark on the long jetty that links the resort’s over-water reception/bar/restaurant to the island, where the grass-roofed bungalows are scattered along the shore.


Before long, the first colour began to streak the sky. Gold, deep purple, pink, silvery grey…I moved from the jetty back to the small beach below my bungalow, shuffling through the sand in my sarong. Only a few birds were up to notice me. Across the water, the looming shape of the extinct volcano Kolombanga struggled to be seen through the clouds.




Getting up early has its own rewards.  Somehow it seems easier in a place like the Solomons.

A Glass Half Full travelled courtesy of Solomon Airlines and the Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau

9 Responses to “Sunrise in the Solomons”

  1. melanieb107

    I tucked into a delicious seafood lunch at Fatboys several years back, with fish swimming around us and members of staff and friends lolling about in hammocks. Loved the place and wished we were staying there rather than in town. Lucky you!

    • A Glass Half Full

      It’s definitely on my list of “places to go back to”…so relaxed and laid-back. After the sunrise, I grabbed a snorkel and swam with the fish around the jetty before breakfast. Just wish I’d been on holiday and could have stayed longer!


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