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A Gold Coast sunrise

Artists and writers often talk about the quality of light in Australia. It’s different to anywhere else in the world; but subtle is not always a word that would spring to mind to describe it.

My favourite time of day is in the very late afternoon, because of the light. It’s softer, taking the harsh edges of everything and dimming the vivid colours that characterise Australia. But early morning is its rival.

Everything in this country is bold and bright, with the exception of the colour green (apart from in the wet tropic rainforests). The vivid emerald greens of New Zealand and Ireland can’t be beaten, in my view. But there are times when subtle applies, and when Ailsa at Where’s My Backpack set that words as her travel theme challenge for this week, I knew I had this. Just a couple of days ago, I was up before dawn to see the sunrise on a Gold Coast beach…and watching the subtle changes in the clouds and the sea was just wonderful. So here’s a series of sunrise images, as I saw it on Thursday morning.







11 Responses to “A Gold Coast sunrise”

  1. Tommy

    I learnt a lot about “light” from your story. I’ve got my Nikon ready for this afternoon. Well done.

      • Tommy

        Thanks, A Glass Half Full, but I really need to know more about light, so I going out to buy a few torches. Yep, go the Nikon.

  2. Jenn Jay

    Definitely worth getting out of bed early for – AND we are lucky to live in this beautiful country!

  3. Heyjude

    Yes, my thoughts of Australia would be more ‘bold and brash’ than subtle, but you have captured a softer side here. My favourite has to be the one with the palm trees and the lifeguard’s hut (is that what you call them?) which shows the gentler, subtle colours of the sun rising. Lovely light.

    • A Glass Half Full

      Yes you are absolutely right, that is a lifeguard tower in the shot with the palm trees. And I had some further shots once the sun had broken the clouds, but they definitely didn’t come into the “subtle” category! Thanks for the comment.


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