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Here comes the sun

Sunrise for many people is the best time of day. When I’m travelling, I’m much more likely to be up early than I am at home, and witnessing that burst of energy as the sun appears from the shadow of the earth is a wonderful way to start the day.

Australia’s most eastern point of land is at Cape Byron, in northern New South Wales, and people gather at the lighthouse there to watch the sun rise and set. I did both (not on the same day) on a recent visit, but sunrise provided the best spectacle.


At around 6.30am, joggers and walkers appeared, stretching and resting as they waited for the clouds to part and the sun to appear.



As it grew lighter, other creatures came out to feed and soak up the warmth of the sun. These little Pademelons (a native Australian marsupial similar to a wallaby) had plenty of energy but weren’t at all fazed by the humans around them.


And later, for those who might need another kind of energy boost, there was caffeine by the beach.


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6 Responses to “Here comes the sun”

  1. Jenn Jay

    I love Byron Bay too – just posted a blog on the place as well last week! One of my favourite destinations – but admit I am more of a sunset girl – must make more effort to get to the sunrises!

    • A Glass Half Full

      Generally, I prefer a sunset too – but the sunrise is usually worth the effort of getting out of bed, when I do it! In this case, however, the sunset on the days I was there was very much a non-event, so I was glad I’d got up for this!

  2. candidkay

    Gorgeous! I used to get up to run by the lake when I lived in Lincoln Park. And my day was always the most amazing then . . .


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