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One day in the city of Limerick…

Greetings from the Irish city of Limerick. Travelling has been taking up so much time lately that I haven’t had much time for writing (apart from meeting the most urgent deadlines).

Today I arrived in Ireland for the very first time. I’m pretty excited about spending a week here; I have some untraced family roots here, as my paternal grandfather was Irish. That’s all I know…not even where he was from.

I’m starting in Limerick, which this year was named Ireland’s first City of Culture. There’s a huge program of events this year to celebrate…music, theatre, dance, art, and literature. But to me, the name Limerick is synonymous with one thing: that five line ditty that can trip off the tongue (in  a lilting Irish brogue or not).

So I’d love you to have a go at writing a limerick for me.

Remember that the first two lines should rhyme with the last line and the third and fourth lines should rhyme with each other and are usually shorter.

I’m looking for a limerick that will sum up my travels….”There once was a writer called Lee…”
Luckily I have a name that’s easy to rhyme with.

You can write your limerick either in the comment section of this blog, or on my Facebook page, Lee Mylne – Travel Journalist. 

The winner will receive a copy of my new book A Glass Half Full and other travel stories (or if the winner is one of those wonderful people who has already bought a copy…we will come to some other arrangement!). When choosing the winner, I will take into account all LIKES and comments on each limerick, so make sure that even if you don’t enter, you hit the LIKE button for those you think are the best.

Entries will close at the end of my trip to Ireland, on Monday June 30. I’d love to see what inventive and funny limericks you can come up with!


10 Responses to “One day in the city of Limerick…”

  1. Mama Cormier

    There once was a writer named Lee
    Who did travel the world to see
    Castles, museums and everything old
    Beaches, casinos and crown jewels of gold
    Writing books to entice you and me

    Okay this is my first attempt. I’ll see if I can do better later on.

  2. candidkay

    I’m too fuzzy to limerick yet–but will think on it:). And you’ve said what I want to be able to say someday: Traveling has been taking up so much time lately that I haven’t had much time for writing. Onward!

    • A Glass Half Full

      Plenty of time! For both limerick-ing and for travelling! I’m looking forward to spending a stretch at home, catching up on the writing, I must admit.

  3. Tommy

    Good idea, Lee. You will have limericks written everywhere. However, I am sorry there will be no limericks from me. Mine are too dirty.

    • A Glass Half Full

      I am very disappointed, Tommy. I was counting on your clever mind to come up with something good. And traditionally, I’m told, limericks were meant to be obscene (not that I am encouraging that, exactly).

  4. Greg Mclagan

    There once was a writer called Lee,
    Who came to stay with Bud, Patty, Carol and me,
    Each night we had a beer or two,
    Around the pool it became a few,
    Until we decided it was time for a wee.


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