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Swell sculpture

Love Cates

Love Cats, by Erica Gray (Queensland)

Sand between my toes, a soft-serve ice-cream covered in sprinkles in my hand, and a feast of seashore, surf and some stunning sculpture before me.  That’s how I spent this Sunday afternoon.

The 10th annual Swell Sculpture Festival on Australia’s Gold Coast had 50 wonderfully weird and wacky creations by artists from around the world to ponder and smile at.

Standing by a giant mosquito, I wondered aloud why it wasn’t in the progamme.  “Ah…” said a voice beside me, “it was because I was late.” The voice belonged to Turkish artist Ibrahim Koc, who had finished his huge metal sculpture after arriving in Australia just a few days before the free exhibition opened.  Happily posing with festival-goers beside the massive mozzie, Ibrahim was hopeful of a sale for his $25,000 work.

Such talent by the seaside.  I had a lovely afternoon wandering the beachfront, looking, exclaiming and examining the works.  Here are some images to enjoy.

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The Swell Sculpture Festival runs  until September 23 at Currumbin Beach on Australia’s Gold Coast.  If you’ve got deep pockets, the sculptures are all for sale.

6 Responses to “Swell sculpture”

  1. The goddess

    It looks wonderful. I love the mozzie! Hope to get a chance this weekend to enjoy it.

    • Lee

      I am lost for words at that praise…really these are only “point and shoot” pictures. But I will keep trying…in fact I plan on going out again today with my camera to get some more practice.


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