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Onboard lounging

It’s all a-buzz in the bar.  People are standing around, drinks in hand, chatting to strangers and the barman.  I’ve stumbled on this little scene after rising from my seat in search of the loo.  And it’s hard to believe I’m on a plane.  But then, I’m on an A380 and I’m seeing first hand what the fuss is all about.  On my Emirates flight from Frankfurt to Brisbane (via Dubai and Singapore), I’ve once again been lucky enough to be upgraded and this time the plane is even more luxurious!  The A380 even has the aforementioned bar (or “Onboard Lounge”) at the back of  the upper deck in Business Class, and it’s all very convivial, at least at the start of the flight.  But after one drink, I’m happy to retire back to the privacy of my seat and settle in for a meal, some movies and as good a sleep as I can hope for.  Comfort is everything and they don’t come much more comfortable than this.  My seat even as a little private mini-bar stash of water, soft drink and snacks so I don’t have to ask for anything.  If only every long haul flight could be like this…

A Glass Half Full travelled as a guest of the Austrian National Tourist Board, and was upgraded by Emirates.

2 Responses to “Onboard lounging”

  1. Penny

    It almost seems a shame to go to sleep, Lee – I’d have to stay awake the whole flight to make sure I enjoyed every minute of it! Otherwise you’d drop off and the next thing you know you’d be landing and you won’t have appreciated it to the fullest. ;-)

    • Lee Mylne

      Hard to stay awake for the whole 30+ hours, Penny, and still arrive as some semblance of a human being. Plenty of time to enjoy, and sleep!


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