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Horse sense

With the Melbourne Cup looming next week, many Australians’ minds are on horse-flesh.  But let’s not forget there are other forms of equestrian sport that don’t involve racing. In this classic shot, Australian photographer Tommy Campion captures members of the Gold Coast women’s polo team plotting their moves for the next big match, sometime in the late 1980s.

7 Responses to “Horse sense”

  1. WHENMOUTH Gaylene \(FN\)

    What a fantastic shot!! The women are even in number order. It would be interesting to do a “where are they now?”.


    • Lee

      It’s a fun shot, isn’t it! Glad you liked it, Gaylene. Stay tuned for more horsey posts this week.

  2. Cynical Old Hack

    The smart-arse response potential is huge (heh heh). But most of what comes to mind is hilarious news-room sewer level. Or do we say Slipper level these days? So I’ll restrain myself. Have forwarded the blog link to suitably-minded recipients.

    But it’s a fabulous shot…particularly the horse’s tail.

    • Lee

      I had the feeling this might appeal to some of the cynical old hacks out there, and you didn’t disappoint me!

  3. Its me, Tommy.

    Tommy: Have loved this image for ever. Been sitting in on old box fading away. Thanks to Lee, its now out there. How I snapped this: I asked the girls (who were discussing tatics of the game) if they would go to the car and do the same thing. It all fell into place, as did the horse. Lucky shot. It was a matter of being organised and ready to take the shot. Snapped three quick pics before the horse lost interest.

    • Lee

      Horses! They lose interest so quickly…what’s that saying about not working with animals? But you pointed and shot, and here we have it. Another great Tommy shot. Thank you again.


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