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Beach ballerinas

There’s been – unintentionally – a bit of an arts theme to my blog this week, so I thought I would continue it with these ethereal shots of young ballerinas on the beach.

They were taken by Australian photographer Tommy Campion, sometime in the 1980s and are part of his extensive and fascinating black-and-white archives. Tommy describes it as “an old favourite of photographers, to take their subject to the beach. It adds an extra spark to an otherwise ordinary image”, adding that he used “a trusty Nikon with a 24 mm lens, wonderful TRI-X and a worn out polarising filter scratched by sand”.

The photographs were taken at sunrise on Main Beach on the Gold Coast, with the long jetty in the background adding to the interest.  Double delight for the weekend. Thank you Tommy, once again, for sharing.

3 Responses to “Beach ballerinas”

  1. Its me, Tommy.

    Thank you, Lee. Easy images to snap, just point and shoot. Still looks ok after all these years. The best images are the ones you point and shoot.

    • Lee

      Ah, Tommy, you make it sound so much easier than I’m sure it really is! But yes, it still looks wonderful even after all these years.


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