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A perfectly piscine picture

goldfish in mask

IN TOMMY’S WORDS: In the ’80s. Not sure why I snapped this, but it took a while to do using many rolls of TRI-X. The first girl I used couldn’t handle the fish tickling her nose. Another kept sneezing, and another found it difficult to breathe. But the fourth girl took to it like a fish to water. Always wished I had shot it in colour. One of my favourites.

From the BLACK & WHITE FILES of Australian photographer TOMMY CAMPION, take a look at what can be done when a snapper gets a great idea and carries it out. Taken in the 1980s, it is a reminder of what could be achieved by creativity – and persistence – in the days before photoshop! This fabulous photograph is just as it was taken.  What a brave model she was!

3 Responses to “A perfectly piscine picture”

  1. Its me, Tommy.

    Hey, ho, I love this photo. Thanks Lee.The challange was set and it turned out wonderful. Might try it again in colour.

    • Lee

      You will have to find a model with similar amazing eyes. I imagine them as bright blue or green. And that gold fish…yes, Tommy, do it again in colour!


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