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An extraordinary eye

Cockatoo meets mohawk man

Sometimes in life – if we are very lucky – we get to meet someone who sees the world in a unique way.  If we are even luckier, that person also has the ability to express that view of the world in a way they can share it with others.

That’s the way it is with Australian photographer Tommy Campion. He has an extraordinary eye for the unusual, and for expressing the ordinary in a way that no-one else would have thought of.  And it is often a joyous way, producing images that make those who see them smile – or even laugh out loud. They have a sponteneity and life of their own.

Tommy has been taking photographs all his adult life, becoming one of the most prolific and recognised press photographers on Australia’s Gold Coast, where he lives.  My good fortune – and yours – is that he has agreed to let me share some of my favourite shots from his files with you on this blog. They are mostly black-and-white images from the 1970s and 1980s. There is no photoshop involved, no tinkering with the raw shots.  It is all straight from the camera and from Tommy’s clever mind and photographer’s eye.

IN TOMMY’S WORDS: In the ’80s. Going past a hairdressers on the Gold Coast and spotted this bloke having a mohawk. Asked if I paid for the haircut, would he pose for a photo? He agreed. Couldn’t sleep that night thinking what I had in mind – would it work? Met him the next day with a cocky under my arm and attempted to make them father and son. This is the result.

I hope – and Tommy hopes – that you will enjoy their timeless fun. Look out for them on Fridays to start your weekend with a smile. This is one of my favourites.

8 Responses to “An extraordinary eye”

  1. WHENMOUTH Gaylene \(FN\)

    A marriage made in heaven! Photos need to be seen and you need content. What a rich source of great images.


    Gaylene Whenmouth Community Engagement Manager | ERGON ENERGY

    P 07 4080 4891 | M 0418 502 891


  2. Its me, Tommy.

    I never expected that pat on the back. Thank you Lee. I am not a good photographer, I shoot from the hip, and see what develops. My photos are not arty-farty, just what I see in everyday life. Long live the Black & White photos.You beauty.

    • Lee Mylne

      I like to deliver the unexpected sometimes too, Tommy. I didn’t see it as a pat on the back (although you deserve it), but as an introduction to the man who has “the eye”. And while I too love the B&W, there’s at least one colour shot I plan to use. Thank you again.

    • Lee Mylne

      Sometimes photographers think they are just doing what they do, without stopping to think how much pleasure it gives to other people. That goes for all of you.


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